What our patients are saying about us!

France Bowers

“I had a pinched nerve that prevented me from walking or laying down comfortably. I had tried drugs and massages to take care of it by myself. Happy Life Chiropractic religned my body. Now I feel very good. They took away the pain without drugs. I would definately reccomend Happy Life Chiropractic to my friends and family. Dr. Swift is the best! I also enjoyed the music in his office.”

Carrie Nelson

“Happy Life Chiropractor is fast, friendly, and accurate. I had really bad allergies to dairy, thyroid, and cats. I tried to deal with them on my own by implementing a dairy-free diet, filtered water, essential oils, and Benadryl. Because of this, I could not enjoy school parties, eat out, or enjoy holidays. Anything away from home was hard because we never knew if I would be sick. After back adjustments and allergy treatments, I feel awesome! After only two treatments I was able to eat a pizza and a milkshake and not get sick. I am so happy to get back to normal! It has made a world of difference”

Brenda Grant

“I had a few bulging discs in my spine that began to start pinching my sciatic nerve. It came to the point where I was not enjoying regular daily tasks because the pain was too much. I tried going to Doctors, and using pain medication and even received cortisone shots but none of it helped me enough. I found Dr. Swift through a friends recommendation and so I decided to give him a shot. After the first treatment, I could already feel the difference he was making, a few more treatments after that and I was back to 100% health and was even Rock Climbing, Snowboarding and riding my bike without any pain.”

Ronnie T.

“I’ve done tile for about 13 years, and I’ve suffered from sciatic pain for about 10 years. Since having two massages and two adjustments, my pain is completely gone. I’ve seen chiropractors before, and I’ve had massages before, but the combination of Dr. Matt and Phaedra was incredible. Usually, my pain level would go down for a few days, only to come back in full swing. Since coming to Dr. Swift’s clinic, its been over 4 months since I’ve had that sciatic pinch down my leg!”

Robert M.

“I really want to take her hands home! If she dies, I totally have dibs on her hands!”